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The Dull Ache of Depression

Woke up today and depression weaseled its way in. Ever lurking in the shadows. I don’t even know how it got here. I’m still feeling ...

Feeling Half Alive

Window is open. I can’t bring myself to pull the blind up all the way. It bangs loudly against the metal frame with every burst ...

Depression, Sensitivity, and Effort

How do you avoid losing everything? Don’t let yourself have anything to begin with. Sometimes I get these ideas of grandiose plans. Nothing big, but ...

I Was Invisible Until Batman Kicked my Ass

Imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t there. I couldn't see myself, at all. I also couldn't remember what I ...

Expats and Depression: The Research

My last blog post on depression and expats sparked some interesting discussions on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the thread when I got pissed at ...

Expats, Depression, and Honesty

[dt_quote type="pullquote" layout="left" font_size="big" animation="none" size="1"]Now it is 11am on the 16th. I barely slept. My anxiety is through the roof. My heart is racing, ...

domestic violence

Stop Blaming Mental Illness for Gun-Related Violence

It's a perfect scapegoat: if mental illness is the issue and healthcare is a privilege, the solution must be a stronger police state and more ...

Alcohol and Rape Prosecutions: Consent, Intoxication, and Memory

Victim blaming is a defense mechanism for bystanders to feel safe by falsely imagining that it “could be avoided if...” or “that can’t be the ...

Dangerous Words and the Internet

Content Warning: online harassment, online predators, child exploitation   Sometimes you have to go back in order to move forward. Like a mystery novel where ...

The Persuasive Mind Tricks of Abusers

Isolation is the number one tool used by abusers. Isolation breeds desperation nurtured in an environment where an abuser can exercise more control and wield ...

The Truth About Sexual Assault

quick facts on sexual violence in the united states what is sexual violence? sexual violence is both physical and psychological, it encompasses violent and non-consensual ...

Yes, Things Get Worse Before Things Get Better

One thing about trauma in PTSD is that it starts to show itself when you're safe(r) than before. Our brains are working on overdrive trying ...


Shame, Alcoholism, Stigma, and Suicide

In addiction treatment circles, conventional wisdom suggests we have to let people hit rock bottom before we can help them. But what happens if rock ...

Childhood Trauma, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Plastic Surgery Addiction

Many people who have multiple plastic surgeries are looking for self-worth, not correction of a deformity. Most of the time when we talk about addiction, ...

Long Term Effects of Overdoses on the Brain

Despite what we know about how overdoses can kill, there is scant literature regarding chronic health outcomes for people who have survived multiple overdoses. Drug ...

No, You Aren’t a Drug Addict If You Take Antidepressants

If you’ve read the L.A. Times recently, you might have come across an op-ed by journalist David Lazarus, who conflates his dependence on antidepressant medication with ...

8 Super Relatable Songs About Addiction and Recovery 2014-2019

Drug-fueled parties, overdoses, stories of survival and despair. These songs deal with all that and more. There are so many songs celebrating the party lifestyle ...

Finding Meaning in Tragedy: Addiction, Trauma, and Activism

Turning grief into activism is a powerful way to process and give meaning to the pain of traumas like the death of a loved one ...

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