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Page last updated December 12, 2018

This work is not easy. It takes time and a lot of emotional energy. It's not unheard of that it could take an entire week of full-time researching to produce a single article. We want to get the facts right. And we have to hold space for our feelings about the topics we write about.

Some simple things that help us care for ourselves: A cup of chai tea; a fresh chocolate chip cookie; a warm shower; a therapy session; a scrumptious nutritious dinner; waffles for breakfast; artsy crafts; free time to spend with family and friends. Some roadblocks to experiencing that selfcare: mental health flare ups; lack of money to pay for food or pencils or therapy or a plumber to fix the hot water heater.

This site is my passion project. I hand over the coin to keep this site running, but we need your help.

Your support will go directly to keeping this site running. For this site to exist, and for the domestic violence awareness and trauma recovery advocacy work that stretches beyond this site to continue, we've got to keep the lights on and food in our belly. We've got to pay for therapy to continue processing the topics we so openly share with you. We've got to pay for those books we can't get from the library so we can do the research and you can do the learning from our deep dives. We've got to pay for guest authors, so we can bring more perspectives into this space.


One of the easiest ways to support our mission is to share our site with others. There is power in numbers and information is power. All of us, joined together, can change the conversation about trauma and it's domino of devastating consequences. Let's dismantle the stigma.


Get involved in the conversation. We do not tolerate abuse in our comments section, it is a safe space, and you don't even have to use your real name.

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