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Was Nelson Mandela’s Revolution Nonviolent?

By Kristance Harlow | November 13, 2013 |
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Recently the conservative evangelist radio and TV program, Wretched, interviewed a South African man named Dr Peter Hammond about Nelson Mandela’s revolution. Wretched is meant to be a different brand of Christian news, combining sarcasm and investigative reporting to bring a clear yet humorous clarity (through a religious lens) to news. It draws a certain…

For The Sake of Humanity I Won’t Be Quiet

By Kristance Harlow | November 6, 2013 |
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People who know me aren’t all that surprised I became a writer, I’ve never been one to have an idea and be quiet about it. Sure, as I’ve gotten older I’ve tempered my expressiveness into a calm art form. I even found I needed to quit debate in college because I took it too personally…

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Domestic Abuse, It Happened To Me, It Can Happen To You

By Kristance Harlow | October 29, 2013 |
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I know surprisingly few people who would admit to having suffered abuse. Is it because we are ashamed? Because we blame ourselves? Because we’re scared?

Languages – When They Die, Culture Goes With Them

By Kristance Harlow | July 29, 2013 |
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I admit, shamefully, that I am monolingual. Born and raised in the USA and I can only speak English. I know the most basic Spanish and French, and can say a few phrases in Italian, Hindi, and Spiti. I am being generous when I say basic. I took a year of Italian in college, and…

Consumerism and Dissatisfaction: America’s Addiction

By Kristance Harlow | July 4, 2013 |
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One major thing that defines contemporary postmodern society, aka us internet using, eBay shopping, Facebooking, Tweeting peeps (get it? tweeting by peeps…because peeps are little marshmallow birds…harhar), is consumerism. We love to buy. Buy buy buy. In today’s society the individual is manipulated to desire, value, and purchase objects. Consumerism is about more than acquiring…

Hunger in America: It’s Time To Take Action

By Kristance Harlow | July 4, 2013 |
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Kids who go hungry suffer dire health consequences: stunted growth, more likely to get sick and stay sick and even be hospitalized, constant fatigue, and poor performance in school.

Three Horrifying Examples of the Poultry Industry Exploiting Workers’ Rights

By Kristance Harlow | July 1, 2013 |
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Children are affected by their parents inability to pay for and attend doctors visits. One mother waited to take her daughter in for an ear infection, resulting in hearing loss for the child.

How Pharmaceutical Companies Sell Diseases

By Kristance Harlow | June 29, 2013 |
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What is Disease Mongering? Do you have a headache? Take some Ibuprofen. Stomach upset? Take a TUMS. Are you lactose intolerant? Eat dairy and just take a lactose pill. Have you been feeling down lately and watching a lot of TV because you feel sad? There’s a pill for that! A lot of money is…

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Child Exploitation – 3 Terrible Forms of Child Labor

By Kristance Harlow | June 27, 2013 |
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“There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.” Andrew Cockburn Children work all over the world in thousands of different industries many children are in servitude so they earn no income as they are often paying off debts for themselves or their family through their…

Yep, the justice system is officially flailing – Taser much?

By Kristance Harlow | April 30, 2010 |
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A teen who forgot to return a DVD to the library was arrested. There was actually a warrant out for his arrest and when he was pulled over for speeding the cops booked him (read the blogged story here). That is outrageous and a complete waste of time and money. It’s up there with the…

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