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Comments Online

By Kristance Harlow | April 28, 2010 |
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People often feel that the veil of invisibility on the internet allows them to say whatever they want, no matter how mean, ridiculous, or shitty. Often it’s things people wouldn’t even say in real life. And on a slightly different note, the divide between “liberals” and “conservatives,” between “republicans” and “democrats” is so outrageously exaggerated…

Politician political correctness

By Kristance Harlow | April 28, 2010 |
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Maybe the reason nothing ever gets accomplished in politics these days is partly because politicians must act like perfectly polished puppets. Prime Minister Gordon Brown was overheard calling a woman he has just been filmed having a discussion with “bigoted” (read the story at the NYT). Maybe the woman was bigoted. Maybe too many people…

Born Free…maybe

By Kristance Harlow | April 28, 2010 |
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If you haven’t heard about Arizona’s newest immigration law (ABC article featuring a sheriff with the ca-hones to say he won’t enforce it). It’s legal racial profiling. To sum up the new law, any person suspected of being an immigrant can be arrested if they aren’t carrying papers with them. That means anyone with an…

Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping away women’s rights?

By Kristance Harlow | April 28, 2010 |
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Abortion is no woman’s first choice. We don’t wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and think, “Oh, I hope I get pregnant today so I can have an abortion next month.” Oklahoma apparently thinks women don’t take it seriously. The Oklahoma Legislature approved (by overthrowing the governor’s vetoes) two new laws…

Origial uploader mhwater at nl.wikipedia, photo from Wikimedia Commons

Save the Bushmen

By Kristance Harlow | September 14, 2009 |
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For those of you who don’t know about the plight of the Bushmen, I will fill you in. The Bushmen of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana are part of a 100,000 year old culture. They are part of the oldest culture in modern human history, their non-materialistic hunting and gathering lifestyle has survived…

Vermont Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

By Kristance Harlow | April 7, 2009 |
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“Vermont’s House and Senate voted Tuesday to override the governor’s veto of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state. (CNN)” As a Vermonter I’ve always been disappointed that our forward thinking state hadn’t legalized same-sex marriage after being the first state to recognize civil unions. I jumped for joy when I read this headline.…

Woman Dies on Hospital Floor

By Kristance Harlow | July 2, 2008 |
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  Yes, I’m back. I’ll be blogging again after a long hiatus and the first story is a real doozy. I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the woman who fell and was dying on the hospital floor, if you haven’t seen the surveillance video you can watch it right here: I really don’t know…

Confused man killed by a taser

By Kristance Harlow | November 15, 2007 |
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Image diagram from’s article on this same story. A man in a Canadian airport was distraught because the person he was waiting for didn’t show up at baggage claim. The Russian man spoke no English, he threw a computer and a chair. Bystanders told security that they needed a translator, before a translator arrived…

Trigger happy police

By Kristance Harlow | November 13, 2007 |
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Coming on the heels of the Italian police shooting of an unarmed man before a soccer game, police shot and killed an unarmed 18-year-old New Yorker, Khiel Coppin. According to CNN, Coppin had a history of mental illness and was freaking out at his mom after she tried to have him hospitalized. It was the…

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