10 Stories Of Terrifying Pack Behavior

May 5, 2014 Kristance Harlow
Squirrel with kernel of corn by colleen

Animals can be scary, especially when they hang out in groups. Even the most docile creatures can create terrifying scenes under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Keep an eye out for these creatures the next time you go for a walk, and whatever you do, do not make a crow angry. This list is all about animals who work together to make your nightmares come to life.

10. Squirrels Eviscerate A Dog

In Russia, squirrels are not to be messed with, a lesson painfully learned by a lonesome stray dog that decided to rile up some park-dwelling squirrels. In late 2005, squirrels ganged up on a large stray dog in Russia and tore it open from limb to limb. The stray was barking up a tree at some squirrels when the squirrels reached their breaking point and attacked. A mob of them scampered down the tree and launched themselves onto the dog. Several parkgoers watched the slaughter from a distance, and when they approached the scene, the squirrels ran away with pieces of dog flesh still dangling from their adorable jaws.

That’s not the only time squirrels have been observed acting as a pack. In 2008, squirrels in Virginia were seen attacking pumpkins to get at the seeds inside. Folklore and personal accounts say that frenzied behavior by squirrels while gathering food before winter foreshadows an arduous cold season. While this has yet to be proven, aggressive and odd behavior does come about when winters are particularly long and severe. Squirrels can behave strangely—and very aggressively—when they lack food sources, particularly protein.

To read the rest of the list, check it out on Listverse.com.

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