How I Revolutionized My Writing

How I Revolutionized My Writing

Going low high tech with the <a href="" target="_blank">Bamboo Spark</a> and Kindle
Going low high tech with the Bamboo Spark and Kindle

I love being a writer, but I spend entirely too much time at home alone on the computer. I have noticed that my happiness and general level of contentment is seriously affected by how much screen time I have. It also can dampen my creativity.

I get overwhelmed by the technology cluttering every interaction, but the language of tech is so intuitive to me that I find it difficult to disconnect. I am addicted to my iPhone, it beeps and rings and trills with notifications. I listen to music while I sit at my desk. I hear the television blaring in another room. Outside traffic whirs by. Tires rolling on the pavement, gears squeaking, an occasional horn honking engine revving.

I love writing by hand, even though I am a millennial and can type upwards of 95 WPM.  Typing is easy and fast, but the computer distracts me from the deep guttural connection that I get with a pen in my hand. Writing is my confessional, my dreams, my prayer, my church, my truth. It is all accessible by the stroke of pen on paper. I love handwriting despite my sloppy chicken scratch font, I mean it's bad.

Messy handwriting
What did I even write there? #chickenscratch

I thought, what is a writer to do in this situation? How can I continue to pursue my love of writing while also getting away from this headache inducing computer screen?

I decided to take a leap of faith last year with a new tool. I bought the Bamboo Spark and it is amazing. The Bamboo Spark is made by Wacom and I did so much research before buying it. I research decisions to such a degree that it’s ridiculous and I give myself a headache just by researching until I'm so overwhelmed I can't even make a decision. Basically, I need to get away from these screens that suck me into the googling void. That’s why I wanted this Bamboo Spark, it’s kind of a tablet, for writing on paper.

Yes, writing on regular paper. The key here is the pen and the folder you keep the paper mounted on. It is just ordinary paper that you write on with a special pen, the pen isn’t electronic it’s just made of material that communicates with the smart folder, behind the paper. It’s a pen that just feels like a regular pen, but a nice one.

My Kindle with it's origami cover and the original paper pad the Spark comes with.
My Kindle with it's origami cover and the original paper pad the Spark comes with.

Everything you write uploads via Bluetooth to your phone (or hook it up to your computer to sync), and with a click of a button it turns it into text. It is so easy. Charge it via USB, turn it on with a little switch. You’ll know it’s on because of a little green LED light. Start writing, and you’ll know it’s recording your writing because the green light will turn off and a little blue LED will light up. Fill up a page on any notebook that is 50 pages or less and that fits in the size of the tablet you have, then click a little button and that page is saved. Repeat.

I show it off like a party trick and it has yet to disappoint. I pull out my notebook and everyone is awestruck at how I can write on regular paper with a nonelectric pen and then it is magically uploaded to my phone and with a click I can turn the handwritten notes into editable text.

It actually converted this chicken scratch Into this accurate editable text

Despite my messy handwriting, the ink to text actually converts my handwriting with incredible accuracy. They’re continually working to improve the ink to text technology and I’ve noticed the difference, even though it still always confuses my super loopy capital i with a d, but that’s more of my fault, so I just change how I write the letter “I” when using the notebook).

Armed with the Bamboo Spark and my Kindle Paperwhite, I upped my productivity by a significant amount and improved the flow of my creative juices.

I love it so much, and I can take it and use it anywhere. It’s one of my favorite tech purchases, ever. It has absolutely revolutionized my writing.

Which kind do I have?

I have the older version of the (small sized) Wacom Bamboo Spark with Tablet Sleeve.

$44.00 USD

Which kind would I get now?

I'd like to try the slate version next time, because it is less bulky and I've found I don't use the pocket very much.

$129.95 $90.95 USD

5 February 2018
 By Kristance Harlow

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