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Tiwanaku by Leanora Ellie Enking

10 Horrifying Archaeological Discoveries Of Human Sacrifice

By Kristance Harlow | January 18, 2014 |
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Human sacrifices are a terrifying facet of our shared history. While most archaeologists would agree that human sacrificial practices were probably not as widespread as reported, they did (and do) still occur.

Edinburgh Castle

10 Things You Should Know About Scotland

By Kristance Harlow | January 5, 2014 |
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The Scotland of the imagination is a land of rolling green hills, kilt-wearing bagpipers, and crumbling castles. While you can find all of this in Scotland, there is a great deal more to this fiercely patriotic country. With a land area equal to the state of Maine in the US, this small country is chock-full…


10 Terrifyingly Huge Extinct Versions Of Adorable Animals

By Kristance Harlow | January 4, 2014 |
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We’ve covered the topic of gigantic animals before, looking at ancient and terrifying huge versions of snakes and scary carnivorous reptiles. Now we’re going to take a look at ordinary animals that don’t usually make people feel afraid. From adorable penguins to sleepy sloths, there used to be giant versions of all these animals. No…

Nelson Mandela Confronts White Privilege

By Kristance Harlow | December 20, 2013 |
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Nelson Mandela’s final speech to the African National Congress was in 1997, and he used the opportunity to confront white privilege. His speech made the white privileged masses shudder and react defensively with movements such as Red October.

Honoring Nelson Mandela’s Humanity

By Kristance Harlow | December 6, 2013 |
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No one goes through life without controversy. From the store manager who takes the heat for her employees’ mistakes to the Hollywood star who faces tabloid gossip for their fame, everyone deals with controversy. A certain degree of misunderstandings and rumors are the hallmark of a life well lived. Nelson Mandela was no stranger to…

Was Nelson Mandela’s Revolution Nonviolent?

By Kristance Harlow | November 13, 2013 |
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Recently the conservative evangelist radio and TV program, Wretched, interviewed a South African man named Dr Peter Hammond about Nelson Mandela’s revolution. Wretched is meant to be a different brand of Christian news, combining sarcasm and investigative reporting to bring a clear yet humorous clarity (through a religious lens) to news. It draws a certain…

Epic Female Traveler: Gertrude Bell Breakin’ Rules 100 Years Ago

By Kristance Harlow | July 14, 2013 |
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A traveler writing about their adventures is not a trend. For thousands of years people have traveled to foreign lands and wrote about their experiences; from Herodotus, the original historian who wrote about his time in Egypt in the 5th century BC, to current authors like Elizabeth Gilbert whose book Eat, Pray, Love was made…


Exploitation or Science?

By Kristance Harlow | November 4, 2007 |
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Scientists have unveiled King Tut’s mummified face. Currently, he is one of the few mummies remaining in the tombs, while the other corpses are on display in museums. “The move is part of a plan to protect the remains. Archaeologists say they are under threat from the heat and the humidity brought into the tomb…

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call your local emergency number. The numbers listed here are the commonly used numbers for the stated region, the numbers can vary greatly depending on where you live. If you don't know your country's equivalent to 911, this wiki page and The Lifeline Foundation have comprehensive listings.



The Americas





112 & 999



112, 999, 110



112, 911, 999, 111, & 000


Find help for a crisis by texting, calling, or chatting online with these free crisis organizations. Looking for one outside of the USA? Check out our support listings.

Crisis Text Line
Text: “HOME” to 741741

Suicide Lifeline
Text: “ANSWER” to 839863
Call: 1-800-273-8255

Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Child Abuse Hotline

The Trevor Project
Text “START” to 678678

These online and international resources may help you anywhere you are located. Looking for local support outside of the USA? Check out our support listings.

DV Support Abroad
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I'm Alive Virtual Crisis Center
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