Are You Angry Yet? This is Why You Should Be.

August 15, 2017 Kristance Harlow
Anonymous Protest

I am angry. You should be, too.

I am not carrying hate around in my heart or spewing anger in undirected locations. I am angry that we let this happen. I am angry that we continue to allow history to repeat itself. Fascism rises again and is progressively worse every time we relapse into it.

I am zero percent surprised that President Easy-D didn’t immediately condemn the racist rally and terrorism in Charlottesville. He has always been hellbent on burning us all alive. This is the same egomaniac who mocked people with mental illness and bullied a reporter with a physical disability. He is the creepy man with the weirdly huge tie who said people with PTSD are those who just “can’t handle it.” Just a month after being sworn in, he didn’t oppose a bill passed by Congress that made it easier for mentally ill people to obtain guns despite being the jackass who falsely claimed that the gun violence epidemic is due to mentally ill people and is all in on killing hundreds of thousands of Americans by taking away their insurance coverage.

President Over-Compensate doesn’t care what happens to you. He only cares what happens to himself. He doesn’t care about any of you. If you think he does, you’re living in denial.

While the batshit wildness of the White House’s current dealings is not being applauded by many, some still feel there are redeeming qualities we should focus on. And those people are getting louder, fed by the racism many white people falsely thought existed only in secret shameful fringes of society. People who still believe there is a secret strategy happening under the radar that will make us “win bigly” against other countries in this game of world monopoly.

The United States is incredibly arrogant, ignorant, and violently bigotted. Admit it and do something about it.

There are no redeeming qualities about President Douchenoggin. Even though it’s nearly impossible to expect the personality of a narcissistic self-applauding shit talker to ever be sidestepped, let’s try and take his personality out of the equation to see if anything about him is less shitty than his attitude. Oh look, no, nothing is. His resume blows and if during his campaign he hadn’t been rallying bigots it would have been laughably horrible how inept and unqualified he is for office. His rise in the political arena was buoyed by the self-defeating anger of racist America. He built a following of hate fueled, misinformed and wildly ignorant white people with guns who he somehow convinced that he understood them, when in reality he doesn’t know the difference between real work and shitting on a gold toilet. Thanks so much for stroking the ego of the tackiest gold-plated prick since Mr. Burns lost the title to Goldmember.

The nonsense about knowing everything about everything are the wild ramblings of an egomaniac. Thanks for telling us about an invisible wall. I’m sure a guy who deferred service for shin splints multiple times is an expert on the military. This is the first time this guy has never held any elected office, ever. Let’s hire pilots who have never copiloted before and never practiced. And engineers who have never worked with tools before to be in charge of building bridges. And go to doctors who didn’t go to medical school.

Now you know the answer to the once hypothetical, “What would you have done in Nazi-era Germany?”

A vote for Trump was a vote for racism. It was a vote for a rapist. It was a vote for a liar. For a xenophobe who encourages violence against minorities. A vote for someone who mocks disabled people. It is an administration of hate. It is a cabinet of racism. He boasted about sexual assault, and still white women preferred him. He made disparaging comments about Muslims, immigrants, women, disabled people, black folks…and still white voters preferred him. Only deep-rooted misogyny in the structure of our country and currents of racism in the veins of its citizens could bring a man like him to power.

If you still vehemently support Trump, it’s time to take a long hard look into your soul and find out why you love a racist, xenophobic, dictator-loving, rapist, misogynistic, cheating, disgusting bottle of moldy orange juice with a wig.

I am surprised it took this long for a massive racist rally to take place. Have we all forgotten that Steve Bannon is a NAZI, through and through? He is a racist extremist hate monger and conspiracy theorist. It’s creepy that he’s involved in the government at all, let alone sitting on the National Security Council. He has zero qualifications that make him suitable for his current position and is so inexperienced that his position on the National Security Council completely de-legitimizes the National Security Council. Trump also gave a seat to his own son-in-law. If you didn’t see that as outrageous, what will it take to make you angry?

If you claim to have voted for Trump and also claim to not have voted for his racism (or transphobia, xenophobia, or misogyny) then denounce the hate crimes being committed by people who believe you agree with them. They feel legitimized because the campaign was fueled by bigotry and Trump’s rhetoric is still powered by it. If you don’t stand for hijabs being ripped from women’s heads, for swastikas spray painted on the walls of middle schools, for the KKK’s jubilance, for hordes of people giving Nazi salutes, for torch lit white supremacist rallies, for the slurs being hurled at people for their suspected and real ethnic backgrounds, then speak up and SAY IT LOUD and fight against the hate.

In the wake of the election disaster, I was constantly butting heads with defensive people who wanted me to relax and get over it. I heard it from people on the left and the right and in the middle and who didn’t vote at all. Rarely did I see the oppression people were protesting being condemned, more often I saw the protests being condemned. Even now, despite the Charlottesville horror, I am seeing more condemnation of the memes about punching Nazis than about the people who ARE NAZIS.

“You’re encouraging it.” “Don’t identify the people holding torches in those photos, it’s what they want.” “You’re only going to make it worse.”

First, I don’t give two shits what they want.

Second, nothing bad ever goes away when you ignore it. Racism is kind of like an evil goldfish, it’ll keep growing as long as it has the space to do so. Problems do not go away if you don’t acknowledge them. Eventually, everything catches up with you.

Empowering others to exercise their rights does not mean we have to hold space for opinions enshrined in white tears, classist ideology, or someone’s narrow privileged worldview.

I am so sick of people telling those who actively oppose-and even more so those who are directly oppressed by-white supremacy to calm down, to stop “profiling” Trump supporters. To stop being divisive. We’re the divisive ones? I have a migraine from this shit show. The insistence of the left to only engage in peaceful dialogue is tearing people apart. It is one thing to follow a philosophy of non-violence, and it is another to sidestep issues because they make you feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the extremist right march with *tiki* torches under the protection of more “moderate” conservatives who would rather push their agenda than condemn and seek to eradicate this hatred.

“I don’t agree with them but even the KKK has a right to protest.” “I don’t agree with them, but it’s freedom of speech.”

This isn’t about differing opinions. If that opinion is racist and sexist, then I don’t fuck with that. It’s not ok and I do not support people’s racist opinions. Anyone continuing to defend this administration or the actions of right-wing terrorists is defending pure hatred and outright bigotry and I am not about that. I will not support that, I will not agree to disagree with that.

Hate uses Trump as an excuse and an inspiration, they believe that half the country supports them. Trump confirmed he doesn’t care when it took him DAYS to finally say the word racism after a blatant white supremacist rally and terrorism took place within the borders of America.

I was more than cordial and patient during the election cycle. I tried to find firm but forgiving ways to discuss opposing ideas when I saw Trump mock people with disabilities and I saw people dismissing accusations of rape or glossing over his dangerous rhetoric. I tried being cordial and explaining and calm and peaceful. It didn’t work. We are complicit in oppression when we continually choose silence over uncomfortable confrontation.

I’m angry.

Truly, right now you know the answer to the once hypothetical, “What would you have done in Nazi-era Germany?”

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  1. ROSE LEFEBVRE on August 29, 2017 at 1:23 am

    I totally agree!!! I have never trusted the man and feel he is an uncaring narcissist with a personality disorder and lack of empathy. He lives, breathes and spews hate. And he cannot even talk or tweet correctly! I never voted for him, do not support him, and fight against him.

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