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Walking sexy and reproduction

November 12, 2007

According to a BBC News article: “A sexy swing of the hips may attract admiring glances, but it is not a covert sign a woman is ready to breed, according to researchers.” A Queen’s University, Ontario, team examined volunteers’ walks and the levels of sex hormones in their saliva. They

Ready to Be Green!

November 5, 2007

According to, the world is ready to make sacrifices for eco-friendly living. “Overall, 83% of respondents throughout the world agreed that individuals would definitely or probably have to make lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of climate-changing gases they produce.” Ya think? Human caused pollution and climate change isn’t

Exploitation or Science?

November 4, 2007

Scientists have unveiled King Tut’s mummified face. Currently, he is one of the few mummies remaining in the tombs, while the other corpses are on display in museums. “The move is part of a plan to protect the remains. Archaeologists say they are under threat from the heat and the

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