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Birthdays, Harry Potter, and Sundays

My birthday was on the fourth and some friends taped a bunch of balloons to my door. We had cake and went out to eat at an Asian food restaurant called the Fat Buddha. I had the sweet and sour chicken that was, to say the least, delicious. 

Matriculation into Durham was this past week. It's a formal ceremony and everyone goes into the Durham Cathedral in groups, my group was the last. It was all the post graduates, and one member of each college goes up and signs a book. It was a bit like the sorting hat ceremony in Harry Potter. The cathedral is, yet again to say the least, incredible. No pictures were allowed so I don't have any to show but it's the most incredible cathedral I have ever seen in my life.
And apparently, everything is either closed or closed very early on Sundays. Went to a 24 hour supermarket, it closed at 4pm. It's 24 hours except on Sundays.
chinese food
At Buddha, an Asian fusion restaurant in Durham, England.

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