10 Amazing Child Heroes

09 December 2013

Everyone knows and celebrates mythic heroes and famous leaders. But then there are those everyday heroes who just make a difference when the need suddenly arises. This list is about celebrating the youngest of our everyday heroes—child heroes whose courage and quick thinking prevented tragedy and saved lives.

10. Kamal Nepali – Descended a Gorge to Save a Toddler

The Seti River in Nepal runs from the Annapurna region of the Himalayas to the city of Pokhara, a major tourist and trekking destination. Before the disastrous flood of 2012, the river normally vanished beneath the city into narrow chasms. This course carved the river a home deep below the surface by wearing away at the mountains.

In June 2008, two-year-old Aradhana Pradhan fell 20 meters (60 ft) into one of the river’s gorges. Rescue workers tried to bring the toddler to safety, but the crevice was just too narrow to fit any of them. After 22 hours, the little girl had stopped crying and most feared that she’d died.

One rescuer, Salum Nepali, could get 8 meters (25 ft) into the crevice but no farther. He left the scene, and when he returned, his 12-year-old brother Kamal accompanied him. Kamal volunteered to try to enter the crevice that had defeated the adults, and though the rescuers needed some convincing, they eventually accepted his offer and lowered him in.

Unable to see how Kamal was progressing, they relied on a walkie-talkie to help guide him as he descended into the darkness. After a nerve-racking 30 minutes, Kamal appeared at the surface. Aradhana was nestled in a bag that he’d slung across his back. The little girl went to a nearby hospital, where she made a full recovery. Kamal was hailed as a hero and later received multiple titles and awards for his bravery.

This is an excerpt, to read the rest of the list check it out on Listverse.com.

Kristance Harlow

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  1. Abe V Rotor on August 10, 2019 at 9:26 pm

    Amazing! Child-hero indeed the world looks up to in our times.

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