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Inspirational Travel Quotes by Adventurous Women

March 6, 2018

Travel quotes, whether you can travel or not, remind us that the world is diverse and full of wonder. Travel takes us out of our comfort zones.

Retracting Allegations of Abuse is Not Proof – Trauma and Memories

June 20, 2017

Graffiti in Buenos Aires. Photo by the author Retracting an abuse allegation is not proof that the abused is lying or that the alleged abuser is innocent. Rape is amongst the most underreported crimes. Victims face enormous obstacles in the aftermath of rape. Not the least of which is deciding…

You Call Us Snowflakes Like It’s a Bad Thing

May 3, 2017

People have been calling each other “special snowflakes” at least as far back as Fight Club, but the insult has snowballed recently. The Guardian dubbed “poor little snowflake” the top insult of 2016.

Opioids, Dissociation, and PTSD – The Shocking Connections

March 2, 2017

Animals that are put under constant duress seem as if they are on an opioid like heroin. Scientists also observed animals reacting like addicts in withdrawal when an opioid blocker was used to disrupt the flow of natural endogenous opioids.

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