Breakfast dishes from eagle eye view

Most Delicious Breakfasts Around the World

If you’ve traveled far from home, you might be able to relate to the unique exhaustion that is jetlag. If you skip too many time zones, it can throw off your entire circadian rhythm and mess with your meal schedule. But, if you want to get moving and see what you came to see, you need


Subway Train

Buenos Aires: Bus, Taxis, or Subway?

Tourists and newcomers often wonder, “Should I take taxis everywhere in Buenos Aires?” If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, well, depending on the exchange rate that day…I’d have more than that in pesos. Finding your bearings in a big city is rarely easy. It’s more challenging when you don’t know the language, but even if you do speak Spanish, you’ll find that Buenos Aires has a special dialect and accent.


Puppy Adoption in Buenos Aires

Where have I been since 2015?  I’ll update you all soon, but this video will give you a hint as to why I’ve been more or less MIA on the interwebs. We adopted a PUPPY! I’ll post a separate article just about puppy adoption in Buenos Aires and what the process was like for us.


Poverty and Homelessness in Argentina

Poverty increasing in Buenos Aires as more residents populate shantytowns and fall victim to homelessness. Meanwhile, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (whose presidency will come to end December 10th), has declared that Argentina poverty levels are among the lowest in the world. “How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?” Pope Francis


Plaza de los Toros Colonia Uruguay

Exploring Colonia, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay is one of my favorite places. It moves at a pace more familiar to me than the rushed anxiety of Buenos Aires. For a country girl like myself, it’s a much needed sanctuary from the never ending commotion of the city.


Buenos Aires: City Without a Filter

I look to my left, down the tracks. The television hanging from the ceiling blares the latest news in Spanish. I can’t make out the words, all I hear is the train hurdling towards the platform.


Uncle Sam Wants You to Speak Spanish

I was on my usual grind yesterday. You know the drill: opening up a blank word doc to write an article on the right side of the screen and on the left opening Chrome with the intention of doing research on said article. Despite my good intentions, Facebook takes over the screen and I’m powerless


World Cup in Buenos Aires

I have gone through phases where I am into sports, but right now it just isn’t my thing. During the World Cup I wasn’t that invested in the games. If the US was playing at the same time as another game, I’d ask my boyfriend, Alejandro, to switch to the US game. Then I’d end


Gaucho Dancing and Flag Day in Argentina

Argentina has one of the world’s happiest flags. Two wide sky blue stripes flank a white stripe in the middle of the flag. An ornate sun with a peaceful looking face sits against the white backdrop. It’s a scene played out the majority of the time in Buenos Aires. Here the winters are mild and


Most Annoying Things About Argentina

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my blog readers! I just am expanding my projects and trying something new! New writing coming soon. Thanks for staying tuned my fellow travel lovers!



Argentina Street Music and Public Awkward Dancing

Check out my newest video on YouTube, back on the video bandwagon. And this time it is about travel in Buenos Aires, and the street music. Don’t worry I’m as awkward as always in it, but there’s some cool info there too!

Argentine Road Tripping to the Andean Northwest

This past week I was gone in the Andean Northwest in Argentina. Along with my boyfriend and two of our amigos, I experienced an intense Carnaval under Tilcara’s bright sun, saw Incan ruins, ate llama, camped in the cold Andes, and viewed the Hill of Seven Colors. There is much to tell, to start off


Personal Renewal at Posada Itaca

I feel an odd half-death in the city, the only life to interact with is other people. The wind is tainted with the exhaust of a million vehicles. Each one taking the road signs and stop lights as mere suggestions, impatiently honking their horns as they pass on all sides at frightening speeds. Concrete boxes


Buenos Aires Obelisk at Sunset by Kristance Harlow

But You Can’t Speak Spanish

“Wait, what? Don’t move to Argentina, you can’t speak Spanish!” Everyone reacted the same way when I announced I was moving. My Spanish education consisted of one class I took for a few months when I was 11 years old.


Holidays in Argentina: Fireworks Galore

I’ve been neglecting my dear blog lately. I’m busy writing content for the launch of, I’m the travel editor-in-chief and have a lot to do for when it goes live in a week! Also, I’ve been on a Listverse frenzy, writing all sorts of articles for them, the most recent one that was published


Vlogging and Awkwardness

Apologies for the lack of blog posts, this blog isn’t where I earn my keep, but it is where I love to share my stories and thoughts with all my readers. Lately I’ve been busier than ever writing for other websites, working on videos, and cultivating the travel section for a soon to be launched


Man and bike on river front

10 Fascinating Facts About Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is the fourth biggest city on earth, but the rest of the world has surprisingly little knowledge of this vast and populated land. There is definitely more than meets the eye when it comes to Argentina. This list introduces you to Argentina by presenting 10 facts most outsiders don’t know.


Breaking My Personal Space Bubble In Argentina

First off, I need to apologize for the lack of blog posts. A lot has been happening and I simply have not had the time to write anything lately. Here is my return to blogging after a two week hiatus! Argentina is all about people. Social connections are, without a doubt, one of the most


Street artist painting

Street Art in Buenos Aires Argentina

The sunny disposition of Buenos Aires, Argentina — where there is literally constant sunshine, parties until 6 am, and every greeting includes a kiss — can blind visitors to the country’s darker chapters. There is a dramatic layered history of homelessness, poverty, missing people, and untimely deaths. Street art exploded on the scene when Argentina’s Dirty



Foto Friday: Statues Around the World

Statues exist all over the world, we encounter them so often that sometimes we simply pass them by. In my travels the one constant that I’ve witnessed in every country are the existence of statues. Here I share a few, but with few words because that is what you get when you walk past statues


The Silent City of the Dead – La Recoleta Cemetery

The silent city of the dead, it sounds like the title to the newest horror flick, it may be the title to a scary movie actually. The sunny city of Buenos Aires doesn’t conjure up images of eerie ghosts and creepy foggy mornings, but there is a city of the dead here and it is



Foto Friday: Joy To The World

Having relived some painful memories in my last post, today’s Foto Friday post is all about joy. Capturing true moments of happiness, few words are needed as the pictures truly speak for themselves. Take a moment and think about how your smile can bring joy to others. I find myself smiling just looking at these


Dublin, Ireland

Foto Friday: Halloween Edition Cemeteries and Spooks

Not every country celebrates Halloween, and not every country celebrates the way the United States does. Here in Argentina you can find the odd Halloween display in the supermarket selling a few special candies and a creepy mask or two, but Halloween is not something people do here. I’m missing out on some of my


25 Little Things I’ve Learned About Argentina

It’s always the little things isn’t it? The little things that make your day like someone holding the elevator door for you, a kind word from the bus driver, or finding a dollar on the sidewalk. It’s also the little things that drive you nuts, the way your coworker won’t stop clicking her pen, when


In London with a horse (age 24)

Tourists Aren’t The Problem, Jerks Are

I’m going to say something controversial: It’s time to embrace tourists. Stop expecting those who come to see where you live to know how to behave as you would like. Embrace anyone who has the gumption to get up and go and visit a new place. Let yourself be a tourist of your own homeland, see your neighborhood with new eyes.


Best Birthday Ever – Argentina Knows How To Celebrate

I’ve had my fair share of crappy birthdays. In my second year of college, a friend and I had planned on a dual baking party for our birthdays, which were only a couple days apart. At the last minute she told me she didn’t want to have a party anymore and the plans fell through.


My Argentine Emergency Room Visit

I’ve been here for barely a month and already I’ve had to take a trip to the emergency room. I live life in a very yes or don’t-know fashion, once I make a decision I stick to it but I am the most annoying person when trying to decide between two options. It drives my


Foto Friday: Beautifully Diverse Sidewalks in Buenos Aires

Walking around my current barrio, Olivos, one of the things I noticed first was the sidewalk. You constantly need to be looking down because around here everyone has dogs and takes them out for walks and they are all really well behaved, but they let their dogs do their business in the middle of the sidewalk


Opposite Seasons, Skipping Autumn

Living south of the equator means a lot of things, I never paid enough attention to toilets flushing up north to tell you whether the water really does swirl in the opposite direction, but the one thing that is definitely opposite is the change of seasons. As my friends back home start preparing for winter,


Slow Travel – Taking My Time in Buenos Aires

I love the way of the slow traveler. The life of the expat. The relaxed and confident way of looking at a place that you are not rushing through. Too often when I travel I want to see so much and have too little time to do what I want, so it becomes a research


Covered Outdoor Eating Area

Asado: The Argentine Cookout

If Argentina has the best of anything, it’s food. Argentines structure their days around food and drink. Breakfast is not a big meal, desayuno consists of coffee or tea and a little bite to eat like some toast with jam. Wait just a couple hours and it’s time for tea, enjoy a couple cookies with another


Trees and Sky Buenos Aires Argentina

Foto Friday: Space in Downtown Buenos Aires

On Thursday I joined Alejandro when he went to class in the morning. While he was busy learning about advertising, I was enjoying the city on a wonderfully warm and sunny late winter day. Buenos Aires is not a city that has a lot of must see landmarks, but there is still a lot to see


Argentina: Three Favorite Things

I’ve been away from the good ole US of A for only four days so far, but already I’ve racked up a lot of ridiculous and awesome experiences. Do you ever travel and have something really weird happen to you and then wish you’d taken a picture? Luckily for me, I am obsessed with my


Salmon Dinner

Foto Friday: Traveling from America to Argentina

I am finally in Argentina! After 30 hours of traveling, I washed the cabin plane off me and after a good night’s sleep Alejandro took me to explore my new neighborhood: Olivos, Buenos Aires. Stay tuned for a post with pictures on that, but today it’s all about how I got here…and how it did


Moving to Argentina – Official Announcement

It is official, in one week I will be on a one-way flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’ve mentioned it, and my friends and family all know about my upcoming move, so now that the time is nearing I am officially announcing to all you readers that this next leg of my world travels is