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I Lived in a Haunted House

Halloween is just around the corner. In Argentina, Halloween isn’t that big of a deal. You won’t see crowds of little kids in costumes knocking on doors for candy.


Okemo Valley Vermont Vacation Guide

Be nice to the locals. Okemo Valley is so beautiful and picturesque because of the hard work of everyone living there. Drive safe, don’t tailgate, and take cues from anyone with a Vermont license plate.


Sunny Seattle and Pike Place Explorations

I know the statistics about the cloudy weather and the rainy days, but after the perfect day I had in Seattle it’s hard to believe such a lively place could ever be constantly covered with such haze.


Pacific Girl Boat

Pacific Girl: Feeling My Pacific Northwest Roots

Age, late 20s Pacific Northwest Roots In the weeks leading up to my journey to the Pacific Northwest, I was experiencing higher than normal levels of anxiety. Trying to chase and catch enough jobs so I would have enough money to pay rent and pay for my trip. I suppose I was feeling a sense…


haunted house

10 Spine-Chilling Ghostly Tales From Vermont

The wind is howling outside, the lights flicker, and the floorboards creak in the next room. If you’ve ever stayed in an old house in Vermont, you know this feeling all too well. And even when the weather is calm, when you’re all alone, be prepared for the unexplained patter of unseen feet in the…


Vermont by Kristance Harlow (7)

10 Strange Things Everyone Should Know About Vermont

If a Vermonter abroad is asked what state they’re from, about half of the time the people asking won’t even have heard of Vermont, while the other half will think that it’s in Canada. In the interests of avoiding such an awkward situation, here are 10 facts about Vermont that you probably never knew. 10.…



Foto Friday: Statues Around the World

Statues exist all over the world, we encounter them so often that sometimes we simply pass them by. In my travels the one constant that I’ve witnessed in every country are the existence of statues. Here I share a few, but with few words because that is what you get when you walk past statues…


Foto Friday: Joy To The World

Having relived some painful memories in my last post, today’s Foto Friday post is all about joy. Capturing true moments of happiness, few words are needed as the pictures truly speak for themselves. Take a moment and think about how your smile can bring joy to others. I find myself smiling just looking at these…


Dublin, Ireland

Foto Friday: Halloween Edition Cemeteries and Spooks

Not every country celebrates Halloween, and not every country celebrates the way the United States does. Here in Argentina you can find the odd Halloween display in the supermarket selling a few special candies and a creepy mask or two, but Halloween is not something people do here. I’m missing out on some of my…


Snowy mountains

Top 3 Luxury Winter Holiday Destinations

After a summer filled with barbeques in the backyard and long days on the beach, the seasons are changing. The leaves are turning, the cider is hot and some retailers are already releasing Christmas commercials. Before the holiday hustle and bustle sets in full swing, it’s time to start planning a winter getaway. Whether you…


Homesickness – Life On The Move

I’m at the age now where everyone is having kids on purpose, at least three times a week someone I know on Facebook is getting engaged, and every weekend someone posts wedding pictures. Some people I know play bridesmaid in multiple weddings each summer, and my family and friends are all moving towards a life…


Sentimental Saturday, the Ocean and Seaside

I am going to take you on a trip to the ocean. With pictures let this post remind you of the beauty of the seaside, or if you’ve never been to the ocean I hope I can transport you there and get you to add the ocean (any ocean) to your bucket list. Pacific Ocean…


Dangers of Being a Female Traveler and Valuing Caution

Tara Isabella Burton wrote a beautiful piece for Salon called the “Dangers of traveling while female” in which she accurately describes the inner monologue of the female traveler. She recounts not only her own experience, but mine as well. To be a savvy female traveler is to be constantly aware, consistently suspicious, and sometimes abruptly rude. I too know that I am an intruder in the public space in many places that I travel, following my own “internal set of rules” I always stay in female only dorms or opt for a single room in hostels.


Salmon Dinner

Foto Friday: Traveling from America to Argentina

I am finally in Argentina! After 30 hours of traveling, I washed the cabin plane off me and after a good night’s sleep Alejandro took me to explore my new neighborhood: Olivos, Buenos Aires. Stay tuned for a post with pictures on that, but today it’s all about how I got here…and how it did…


Brooklyn Bridge

Foto Friday: Vertical New York City

It’s Foto Friday! The weekly f/photo essay with pictures following a theme that will bring you a unique perspective on awesome locations around the world. Last time I gave you a crick in your neck, forcing an upwards look at Boston. Today we focus on New York City from a thinned out vertical perspective. New…


Candid Confessions: Silver Linings in Failure and Tragedy

I’m sure you’ve read one or more of these: “In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein “Everything happens for a reason.” – Marilyn Monroe “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama Feeling like nothing is going your way?…


Glass Tower

Foto Friday: Boston From A Fresh Perspective

I spent my teenage years growing up in Vermont and went to university in Western Massachusetts and Vermont. With my proximity to Boston, I’ve visited a lot but rarely as a tourist. I’ve flown into and out of the Logan Airport, volunteered as a crew member at the Boston 3-Day Walk for a Cure, gone…


Awkward Picture Poses – Around the World

I’ve seen people who do one pose all over the world as they travel, sometimes making movies out of it. They do it on purpose and with intent. Looking over my old photos I’ve realized I too have a pose…but it’s not cool and it wasn’t on purpose. It’s mega awkward but I think it’s…


3 Songs for Your July 4th BBQ

I have a penchant for music playlists, before my last computer was destroyed I had well over 500 playlists for every mood from “rainy sad” to “traveling girls kickass”. If you were feeling happy on a winter day I had it covered. Going fishing in the morning? No problem. Since getting my current laptop just…


Are we really still interested in her?

Sarah Palin delivered a speech to investors in Hong Kong, well, that makes sense seeing as she’s studied so much business, signal eye roll. She’s a half-term governor whose outspoken moral values do not even jive with what appears to be her personal moral life. I don’t mean to be ‘one of those people’ who…


38 States Instead of 50?

In 1973 George Etzel Pearcy, with a strong political backing, proposed a remapping of the United States of America. The plan would have isolated larger cities, reducing the number of cities vying for a state’s tax dollars. The state lines would have moved into a more ‘natural’ boundaries, such as rivers and mountains. But because…