Best London One Day Tour Guide

Next time you head to London, reference this one-day guide and take in one of the world’s cultural meccas. If you’re feeling ambitious, put on your most comfortable shoes and do the entire circuit.


Breakfast dishes from eagle eye view

Most Delicious Breakfasts Around the World

If you’ve traveled far from home, you might be able to relate to the unique exhaustion that is jetlag. If you skip too many time zones, it can throw off your entire circadian rhythm and mess with your meal schedule. But, if you want to get moving and see what you came to see, you need


Uncle Sam Wants You to Speak Spanish

I was on my usual grind yesterday. You know the drill: opening up a blank word doc to write an article on the right side of the screen and on the left opening Chrome with the intention of doing research on said article. Despite my good intentions, Facebook takes over the screen and I’m powerless


Edinburgh Castle

10 Things You Should Know About Scotland

The Scotland of the imagination is a land of rolling green hills, kilt-wearing bagpipers, and crumbling castles. While you can find all of this in Scotland, there is a great deal more to this fiercely patriotic country. With a land area equal to the state of Maine in the US, this small country is chock-full



Foto Friday: Statues Around the World

Statues exist all over the world, we encounter them so often that sometimes we simply pass them by. In my travels the one constant that I’ve witnessed in every country are the existence of statues. Here I share a few, but with few words because that is what you get when you walk past statues



Foto Friday: Joy To The World

Having relived some painful memories in my last post, today’s Foto Friday post is all about joy. Capturing true moments of happiness, few words are needed as the pictures truly speak for themselves. Take a moment and think about how your smile can bring joy to others. I find myself smiling just looking at these


Emotional Selfie

Domestic Abuse, It Happened To Me, It Can Happen To You

It’s amazing what details humans can recall, some are forever lost while others hold on fast and you can never escape them. It was near the end of my first trip abroad to Ireland. I was staying in Cork at a lovely bed and breakfast. I spent the morning in Kinsale, a quaint but uneventful


Dublin, Ireland

Foto Friday: Halloween Edition Cemeteries and Spooks

Not every country celebrates Halloween, and not every country celebrates the way the United States does. Here in Argentina you can find the odd Halloween display in the supermarket selling a few special candies and a creepy mask or two, but Halloween is not something people do here. I’m missing out on some of my


In London with a horse (age 24)

Tourists Aren’t The Problem, Jerks Are

I’m going to say something controversial: It’s time to embrace tourists. Stop expecting those who come to see where you live to know how to behave as you would like. Embrace anyone who has the gumption to get up and go and visit a new place. Let yourself be a tourist of your own homeland, see your neighborhood with new eyes.


Scotland border marker and author

Edinburgh On A Budget – Top Must-Sees Without Entrance Fees

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, the capital of Scotland and seeped in romantic history. With the second highest population in Scotland (just over 800,000 people populate its entire metropolitan area), and covering a mere 102 square miles (264 square kilometers), you have to make a trip here if you get over to the United Kingdom.


Holy Island

3 Moments In Ireland I Never Wanted To Forget

August 2006, Ireland, Age 19 We all have those moments when you are walking along and notice something relatively insignificant, like a blossoming lily, and wonder if later we will be able to remember the way the brilliant hues bounced off the petals. Do you ever squeeze your eyes shut and try to capture a


Snowy mountains

Top 3 Luxury Winter Holiday Destinations

After a summer filled with barbeques in the backyard and long days on the beach, the seasons are changing. The leaves are turning, the cider is hot and some retailers are already releasing Christmas commercials. Before the holiday hustle and bustle sets in full swing, it’s time to start planning a winter getaway. Whether you


Yangchen Choling Monastery, Spiti Valley

3 Qualities International Volunteers Must Have

In an earlier blog post I wrote about graffiti in the parks of Buenos Aires and shared a photo of art at Plaza Los Inmigrantes, I have more to tell you about Graffiti Mundo and the work being done in the Olivos barrio. The picture to the right was taken by Cris, Ale’s mother who dedicates


Homesickness – Life On The Move

I’m at the age now where everyone is having kids on purpose, at least three times a week someone I know on Facebook is getting engaged, and every weekend someone posts wedding pictures. Some people I know play bridesmaid in multiple weddings each summer, and my family and friends are all moving towards a life


Sentimental Saturday, the Ocean and Seaside

I am going to take you on a trip to the ocean. With pictures let this post remind you of the beauty of the seaside, or if you’ve never been to the ocean I hope I can transport you there and get you to add the ocean (any ocean) to your bucket list. Pacific Ocean


4 Must Sees In Durham, England

Durham is a small city located in North East England. Situated on the River Wear, the name Durham comes from the Old Norse word for island (holme) and the Old English word for hill (dun). The River Wear bends around the old city centre which creates an island like effect where the centre is reached


Dangers of Being a Female Traveler and Valuing Caution

Tara Isabella Burton wrote a beautiful piece for Salon called the “Dangers of traveling while female” in which she accurately describes the inner monologue of the female traveler. She recounts not only her own experience, but mine as well. To be a savvy female traveler is to be constantly aware, consistently suspicious, and sometimes abruptly rude. I too know that I am an intruder in the public space in many places that I travel, following my own “internal set of rules” I always stay in female only dorms or opt for a single room in hostels.


Guest Blog: An American Girl In Paris Do’s and Don’ts

Today on Digging to Roam we have the pleasure of giving you a story from Paris, written by our guest blogger Melissa Goraj. She recently took a leap of faith and traveled alone to Paris for over a week, here she recounts her experience with us and gives the low down on what you should


Candid Confessions: Silver Linings in Failure and Tragedy

I’m sure you’ve read one or more of these: “In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein “Everything happens for a reason.” – Marilyn Monroe “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.” – His Holiness the Dalai Lama Feeling like nothing is going your way?


Belfast – Visas, Strangers, and Markets

We’ve all had those days where everyone seems to be out to get you. It happens when you travel too. When I lived in Oxford, England I was on my lunch break and popped over to the train station across from work to use the passport photo booth. On my way there I was crossing


Guy Faux Burning Oxford, England

5 Times I Just Went With It

Sometimes, when you travel or live abroad you aren’t really sure what’s going on. As I’ve recently admitted, my signature pose says, “I have no idea what’s going on but I’m excited.” You might kind of get it, but mainly you just go with it. Kind of like when Alejandro told me he was going to throw


Aix-en-Provence, France – Put It On Your Bucket List

The fountains really do “cast their lazy spray” I’ve only been to France once. It was August 2011, I was in the throes of my master’s thesis and desperately needed a get away. Last minute I booked a flight with Ryanair to Marseilles, France. It was the cheapest flight available that was going somewhere warm.


How to Survive Being Stuck in London Heathrow Airport Overnight

After a summer in India I was on my way home and so ready to be over with the day long travel. I got stuck in London Heathrow Airport overnight, I’ll give you step by step directions on how to survive such an experience: Step 1: Take medicine for traveler’s diarrhea and get dizzy from


Awkward Picture Poses – Around the World

I’ve seen people who do one pose all over the world as they travel, sometimes making movies out of it. They do it on purpose and with intent. Looking over my old photos I’ve realized I too have a pose…but it’s not cool and it wasn’t on purpose. It’s mega awkward but I think it’s


Poland: Scary Roads, Christmas Markets, and Vodka

In a couple previous posts I wrote about being in Berlin for the first time with my friend Olivia in December 2010. After staying in Berlin for a couple days, Olivia’s uncle picked us up and drove us to Wroclaw, Poland. The roads were covered in snow and visibility was low. To be clear, I


London One Day Tour – On a Budget

If you read my one-day walking guide to London, you noticed that I was directing you to places that require you to shell out a lot of money just for an entry fee. European travel can really lighten your pockets if you aren’t careful and most likely your currency suffers when compared to the British


One Day London Guide – Royal Baby Fever

Freemason Parade? I never did find out what exactly it was for. In the wake of the royal family’s new arrival, there’s no better time to learn about the United Kingdom. I spent two and a half years living in Britain and have visited the capital city a number of times. I’m going to tell


Berlin – Graffiti, Free Drinks, & The Holocaust Memorial

Graffiti in Friedrichshain Olivia and our free drinks Berlin is a sprawling city, and it is impossible to walk from site to site if you trying to do the tourist bit. My friend Olivia and I were visiting Berlin in December 2010, before heading to Poland for Christmas. We only had a few days in the


Snow Storms, Schnitzel, and Confusion in Berlin Germany

When I was going to Durham University I made an instant connection with Olivia, who is still one of my dearest friends. She is from New York City and was studying for a Masters degree also. Her parents are both from Poland and she is fluent in Polish (so envious of all the people I


Oxford – Stone Walls, Harry Potter, and an Archaeology Dig

I spent nearly five months living in Oxford in the United Kingdom. I moved there shortly after completing my graduate program in archaeology at Durham University in September 2011 and was looking for some warmer weather and a change of scenery. Oxford seemed like a gorgeous place to spend some time, plus with a world


Spur of the Moment in Adare, Ireland – From Tourist to Traveler

Literally, written out plans. It was 2006, I was 19 years old and on my first overseas adventure. I’m a highly organized person when it comes to paperwork and planning, so before I took off for Ireland, I created my very own travel packet with information on all my prebooked accommodation, bus schedules, and even


Organic Farm Cooking – Ireland & Intuitive Recipes

I kept a journal the month I spent in Ireland when I traveled around and volunteered on the organic farm Sunrise Farm in Whitegate, County Clare. When I was there I wrote down some delicious recipes and so today I’ll share them, hopefully I’ll have a more in depth blog entry for you all later


Why I Can’t Sit Still: Finding Comfort in Globe Trotting

When I tell people the places I’ve traveled and the places I’m planning to go, I’m met with some version of surprise. Whether it is excitement and interest or concern and confusion, the fact that I keep moving from place to place always elicits some sort of response. In the last 7 years, I’ve been


Fish and Chips in Durham, England

Went into the city centre again today and ate some very filling (but very delicious) fish and chips. There was some sort of costume convention going on. Spotted two Waldos and had my first sighting of a Mary Poppins character, Bert the chimney sweep. Durham is incredibly beautiful. The city centre is so historic and


First Lecture – Durham University Personhood and Material Culture

Had my first lecture today. It’s a prehistory course titled Balkan Personhood and Material Culture. Today’s topic was Recent Approaches to Material Culture. We will be expanding on that later in the week in the extra hour for MA students (the course has quite a few third years [equivalent to undergraduate seniors] in it as


Birthdays, Harry Potter, and Sundays

My birthday was on the fourth and some friends taped a bunch of balloons to my door. We had cake and went out to eat at an Asian food restaurant called the Fat Buddha. I had the sweet and sour chicken that was, to say the least, delicious. Matriculation into Durham was this past week. It’s a


Rain and Trains – Traveling from Glasgow by Rail

On my way to Durham today. Another rainy day is in the works, but I don’t care…I’m in Europe! I tell ya, walking 3 blocks with two roller suitcases, a serious hiking backpack and a shoulder bag is a lot more exhausting than it sounds. The people I met in Scotland were all really friendly


Oh Hey Britain – Best Panini in Glasgow

I’m in Britain now. Arrived just yesterday to Glasgow, Scotland with all my bags in tow, and some serious jetlag. On my way to Durham University in England tomorrow. Glasgow is chilly and cloudy, but I dig it. Went on a jog by the Clyde River and through the Glagsow Green. Where the Monkey Sleeps is a little cafe that has the best food, I ate the most delicious panini I’ve ever


Durham, England

Welcome to Durham, England – Short Post

In Durham now. I love it already. The city centre is much larger than I imagined and based around a historic very old city and huge cathedral. There are stores all over the place there and no cars are allowed in the old part of the city. I’ve only seen a few areas of Durham and