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What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

January 16, 2018 Photo by joyce huis on Unsplash Dissociative identity disorder (DID), formerly called multiple personality disorder, is an extremely misunderstood condition related to ...

Mental Health Stigma Nearly Killed Me

January 14, 2018 Photo by Xavier Sotomayor on Unsplash I’ve bounced in and out of therapy since I was in high school. I had a ...

Waves of depression and hope

December, Playa del Carmen waves of depression and hope Currently struggling against this tide of depression that is trying to drown me. I don't want ...

How to Listen Someone’s Trauma Story

January 12, 2018 Photo by on Unsplash It's more authentic to trust in the ability of others to narrate their own experience without your ...

Dissociating is like being stuck in my head but not my body

Dissociation, Date Unknown I’m struggling right now. A whirlpool sucked me under and spat me out at the back end of a riptide. Instead of ...

Am I depressed or just introverted? The truth about friendships.

January 1, 2018 Photo by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash A while ago, an article in the New York Times made the rounds. In equal parts ...

domestic violence

Lack of Resistance is Not Consent, It’s Assault

January 4, 2017 Photo by Jake Davies on Unsplash TW: Sexual assault Sexual assault and harassment boil down to a violation of one basic principle: ...

Why I am airing my dirty laundry

The reason I am so candid and painfully honest in my writing is because I wish someone had been this way when I was at ...

Ten Things Survivors Should Know About the Title IX Rollback

There are some important things that survivors should know about the Title IX rollback. Sexual violence advocates, survivors, and allies are reacting strongly to the rollback ...

Cutting Domestic Violence Programs is Dangerous

The current political climate in the United States is putting victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) and the police officers who respond to their emergency calls in greater danger. ...

Why Do People Return to Domestic Abusers?

It never fails. Whenever a high-profile relationship goes public with domestic violence accusations, the internet will buzz with people who withhold sympathy for the alleged ...

Why I Didn’t Try To Lose Weight For My Wedding

To take care of myself in the months preceding my wedding I had to make a conscious effort to not dive into dieting. Wedding weight ...


39 Excuses for Not Drinking

Other people shouldn’t have a problem with you saying no to a drink. Unfortunately, as with many scenarios, "no" is not always accepted as a ...

Denial and Blackouts: A Vicious Cycle

Blackouts are drug-related amnesia. Binge drinking can lead to memory loss and make it difficult to form new memories. Someone in a blackout might turn ...

How I Learned to Love Meditation

I spent so much time dulling my senses with alcohol, it wasn’t until I got sober that I could appreciate the intensity of this city. ...

Will Big Pharma Support a Non-Addictive Opioid?

With painkillers like OxyContin, the overdose reversal drug naloxone, and detox/maintenance medications like Suboxone, the pharmaceutical industry is making a profit off people addicted to ...

5 Happiness Tips When You Have PTSD

Living with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and her bluesy sister, depression, has drastically changed how I handle everyday life. PTSD changed me from a ...


Binge eating at a holiday party

Photo by Alejandro Bonzo @alebonzo January 2, 2017 By Ronni Robinson I walked into the house party with my husband. I gave the proper hello, ...

Am I depressed or just introverted? The truth about friendships.

January 1, 2018 Photo by Ihor Malytskyi on Unsplash A while ago, an article in the New York Times made the rounds. In equal parts ...

Eating obsessions and body negativity

Date: Late college and late winter Eating obsessions and body negativity Had a dream people were telling me that I was a whiny selfish brat. ...

suicidal and not giving up

If you are contemplating suicide, please seek help. You are worth life and you are not alone. 1–800–273–8255 August 2014, lost inside What is a ...

Drinking as Self-Harm

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash In recovery, I have heard many stories about relapses that started because someone thought they could handle a drink ...

Drunk Watching Intervention

Photo by Tina Rataj-Berard on Unsplash My obsession with the show, Intervention, planted some warning flags in my line of vision. I had to fall over ...

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emergency contacts

Domestic Violence

In an emergency call 911

1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)

200 languages (USA based)
TTY 1-800-787-3224
Online chat

1-866-879-6636 (USWOMEN)

International toll-free

Suicide Prevention

In an emergency call 911
Find more resources here

1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Connect with a local crisis center (USA based)
TTY 1-800-799-4889
Online chat


Virtual crisis center


Listings of suicide hotlines worldwide
Wiki listing

Young People

In an emergency call 911


Help with dating abuse for teens (USA based)
Online chat
Text “LOVEIS” to 22522

1-800-422-4453 (4-A-Child)

Child abuse hotline (USA based)


LGBTQ youth crisis intervention and suicide prevention
Online chat
Text “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200

Crisis Support

In an emergency call 911
Find more resources here


Crisis Text Line

24/7 support
Text: “HOME” to 741741


Crisis call center (USA based)
Text: “ANSWER” to 839863