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Custom Wedding Website Design

Wedding websites seem to come in two flavors: cookie cutter or outrageously expensive. Unless you have all the time in the world to learn coding, it is difficult to create a wedding website that matches your vision. A wedding website doesn't have to be a generic dull page that your guests only visit once, a custom website that encompasses everything you want for your actual wedding is possible at a price that fits in your budget. If you work with a content creator like me, you get an all-in-one deal because this designer can do everything from server set up to writing content.

Why would you want a custom wedding website? Probably for some the same reasons I chose to make one for my own wedding...

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Share your story

Tell your story, how you want to tell it. You deserve to own your love story and to tell it in a way that is true to your relationship and wedding vision. Beautiful design and expertly crafted text can make this possible.


Interactive save the dates and invitations

Mail can be pricey and if you have international guests, it is even more expensive (and depending on where they live, it can be near impossible to guarantee mail delivery). A website let you skip that step, but still allows for a beautiful and breathtaking design that shows your guests the feel and look of your dream wedding.

Save the Date custom designed by Alejandro Bonzo alebonzo.com

Leave no questions unanswered

You can provide all the information that guests can possibly need to know, and keep it easily updated with a simple editor that even the most tech-fearing bride or groom can navigate. Is there a sudden change in location? Quickly let guests know with a notice on your page, or send an email to all the confirmed guests.

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Custom forms for guests

Have complete control over the RSVP process with a form that lets you ask for any information you want or need.

Stacked gift boxes with hearts

Gift registry etiquette

Navigating gift registries can be awkward. The social norms surrounding them vary by region and it is confusing to try and figure out how to provide invitees with your registry details. With a custom wedding website, there is no such confusion.

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