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3 Songs for Your July 4th BBQ

I have a penchant for music playlists, before my last computer was destroyed I had well over 500 playlists for every mood from “rainy sad” to “traveling girls kickass”. If you were feeling happy on a winter day I had it covered. Going fishing in the morning? No problem. Since getting my current laptop just a month ago I have almost 40 playlists already. Don’t judge me, no one else is going to make a soundtrack to my life and someone has to do it…right? (Don’t answer that)
With the USA’s Independence Day coming up on July 4th, what better playlist than “Summertime Peace Protest.” Maybe you want to play some patriotic music but are trying to stay away from anything too “Amurrrica” but all the protest music you know is a little too “it’s a hopeless cause” but fear not, I have come to help. Here are three songs to kickstart your own themed playlist:

1. Love Train by O Jays


This takes the number one spot because of the awesomeness of this video. There is nothing that will make you feel like groovin’ at your own summer 4th of July party like watching these people hop on the love train.

If anyone is bringing the love train it’s that guy.


Plus you get lyrics like “People all over the world join hands…Start a love train, love train…’cause if you miss it, I feel sorry for you” and I would feel sorry for myself if I missed that love train, just LOOK how much fun it is. Plus the upbeat tempo of a throwback 1972 classic is sure to put everyone in a groovy mood.


 2. Are You Out There (Live Version) by Dar Williams

Dar Williams is one of my all time favorite singer songwriters and I have had the pleasure of seeing her live at the Vermont Solar Fest years ago. Her lyrics are poetic, her voice is unique, and she continues to produce great album after great album. Are You Out There is a great song for a summer night, but always go for a Live version of this song, Dar doesn’t need much besides a guitar and her voice to sound amazing. The lyrics touch on our connection to music when we feel like the radio is our closest friend.

The music keeps this from being a song about loneliness and instead gets your blood pumping. She totally gets it too, singing “They preach that I should save the world, they pray that I won’t do a better job of it…so tonight I turn your station on, just so I’d be understood” and you’re just like, “YES DAR. YESSSS.” Didn’t save the world today? It’s ok just finish that drink and keep dancing cause you’re not alone.


3. Better Way by Ben Harper

Tapped for the album Songs for Tibet: The Art of Peace the song Better Way by Ben Harper is chill with a cool eclectic vibe. It would go great with a beach bonfire. He “believe(s) in a better way” and so do I! And true dat to “fools will be fools” and”what good is a man who won’t take a stand, what good is a cynic with no better plan?” We don’t know Ben, but he still “hope(s) these words feel pleasant as they rest upon your ears” and they sure do. Also, this song was a campaign song for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Pair this “better way” tune with “better way” food, try locally grown corn on the cob and an organic burger from your local farmer’s market. Beef not your thing? Fear not, check out this tasty and healthy recipe for a portabella burger.

Kristance Harlow

June 26, 2013

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